The Smoking GUN

  Captured!!   West Michigan's Most Wanted is finally behind bars! Johnathan Tulip is set to stand trial where he is expected to be sentenced to twenty five to life. The world renowned detective, Angelo Demarco, has finally captured the crime boss that has been running these streets for years. The local citizens are celebrating and the feds are grateful for the help.

  Your team, however, is not happy. To you the crime boss is known as "El Jeffe", your beloved crime family patriarch. You are the only ones who can help him by destroying the detective's case. You are given the mission to break into the detective's office and steal back the "smoking gun" evidence that was recovered by the detective. But be careful, or you could end up being his cell mate.

This fully immersive 60 minute escape game will

entertain your whole group.

Room Size: Best for 2-12 players

Price: $25/person

This room is appropriate for ages 10-88. Under 10 allowed at parent’s discretion must be at least 8 years old. Please note that for players under the age of 15, at least one adult player is required to be a participant in the room with them.

All bookings guaranteed private so please book in advance to

secure your time spot!

Image by Bill Oxford