Finding Toto

  Amongst all the excitement during Dorthy’s time in OZ Toto wandered astray and managed to get himself lost.  Dorthy is now safely back in Kansas missing her furry, loyal companion. To get home Toto needs to follow the magic that Dorthy's journey left behind but the magical trail is fading quickly!

  Dorthy’s friends, Scarecrow, Tin Man and The Cowardly Lion have managed to track Toto’s journey through Oz and they think he is somewhere inside Glinda’s castle, but the rescue mission does not stop there. Glinda the Good Witch is somewhat of a record keeper of the Land of Oz and all the things that happen there. Her castle holds many artifacts and mysteries from the mysterious land making things a bit more complicated. Dorthy and her friends are counting on your team to unravel the mysteries inside Glinda’s castle and find Toto so he can be safely returned to Dorthy.   Hurry!! Toto needs to be sent home within the hour or he will have to stay in OZ forever!

This 60 minute lighthearted game will be a fan favorite for

beginners and more experienced alike!

Room Size: Best for 2-6 players

Price: $20/person

Under 8 allowed at parent’s discretion must be at least 5 years old. Please note that for players under the age of 15, at least one adult player is required to be a participant in the room with them.

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